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D.R.A.M. Zeus Mech Mod

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Mechanical tube made of ss316 steel. The whole body with the 510 and the ss316 button except for the positive and negative pole made of brass. At 510 the positive one is one-piece as well as the tube body that covers the length of the battery 18650. The body finish is lightweight satin so that it does not glide in the hand but can be combined with all steel atomizers. The uppercup of the 510 like the button is polished to make the contrast. The signature of the manufacturer is inscribed in the body of the tube, the logo is distinctive with the name "Zεύς" and the Zeus portrait button with the serial number Its external diameter is 22mm, its total length is 90 mm and its weight is 109 gr. Its button has a spring so soft that it can withstand its weight together with the atomizer so that it does not get the wrong energy and is triggered if it is forgotten without being locked. The button has a lock for safe transport and support on the table. It can not stay upright unless it is locked in a safe place to protect the user from misuse.

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